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What is Microsoft waiting for providing a decent path API?

  I was recently browsing the code source of Managed Extensibility Framework and realized that this future part of .NET 4, full of tricky and advanced ideas, was naively relying on strings to describe files and directories paths. It seems … Continue reading 

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Ship It Often vs. TDD

  Ayende recently answered the question what the bare minimum aspects of Agile project would be? His opinion is: Ship it Often.   Without surprise, most of developer would instead have answered with TDD. Personally, I cannot answer this, as … Continue reading 

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Increase Build Process added-value with Static Analysis

    The tool NDepend gathers data from a code base. This includes quality code metrics, test coverage statistics, componentization/architecture/dependencies, evolution and changes, state mutability, usage of tier code and much more. The amount of data produces is proportional to … Continue reading 

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Solid State Drive: Enhance developers’ productivity

 I just got a new laptop with Solid State Drive and here are some benchmark results against my desktop which is quite a massive machine. See the results for some of frequent developer activities ; they are quite instructive:   … Continue reading 

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Lessons learned from a real-world focus on performance

  I am glad to announce that we just released a new version of NDepend where the analysis phase duration has been divided by 4 and the memory consumption has been divided by 2.   An interesting question is: Does such … Continue reading 

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