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The big picture of the SharpDevelop code base

  I wanted to see what NDepend had to say about the code of SharpDevelop 3.0. SharpDevelop is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C#, VB.NET and Boo projects. It is compatible with VisualStudio 2008 project and solution files. You … Continue reading 

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NDepend and the quality of the Cruise Control .NET code base

A few weeks ago, I used NDepend to analyze the CruiseControl .NET code base and see what kind of good things and flaws could be spotted. Analyzing the code base of CruiseControl.NET. Hopefully, for the CC.NET team leaded by Craig … Continue reading 

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Do we need Micro-Optimization?

I just posted some micro-optimization tricks I found efficient and I got the following question: Khaja Minhajuddin Great article and very good tips. However, do you think we really need to invest our time in micro optimizations when throwing some … Continue reading 

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Micro- optimization tips to increase performance

  In a previous post Lesson learned from a real-world focus on performance, I explained how we increased the NDepend static analysis process performances with a 4 factor. The post quantified performance gain, and interestingly enough 25% came from micro-optimizations. … Continue reading 

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The Microsoft project CCI (Common Compiler Infrastructure) goes Open Source

Download it on CodePlex here. CCI can read/write metadata contained inside .NET assemblies. My guess is that CCI got developed by Microsoft to get a better System.Reflection. Indeed, I explained previously in the post Mono.Cecil vs. System.Reflection that System.Reflection comes … Continue reading 

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NCover v3 rocks!

We’ve just move forward the NDepend code coverage under NCover v3 and it rocks! At first glance I can see that: The coverage phase is much faster. I didn’t measure exactly but intuitively I would say 2 times faster than … Continue reading 

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Efficiently Searching Code Elements by Name

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE What the tremendous success of Google told us is that being able to find the right information quickly is essential. Here both Time (spent searching) and Relevancy (of the result found) are … Continue reading 

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