NDepend and the quality of the Cruise Control .NET code base

A few weeks ago, I used NDepend to analyze the CruiseControl .NET code base and see what kind of good things and flaws could be spotted. Analyzing the code base of CruiseControl.NET.

Hopefully, for the CC.NET team leaded by Craig Sutherland, it was an opportunity to discover how NDepend could help improve their code. As a result, not only they are planning to solve flaws spotted and to integrate NDepend into their build process, but also the next version 1.4.4 of CruiseControl.NET will come with more facilities to integrate NDepend analysis. Craig Sutherland just wrote a post about all this here.


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    Thanks for the precision Daniel,

  • http://ccnet.thoughtworks.com Daniel Hommel

    Just to clear things up:

    Craig is doing a lot of (great) work but the project lead is still Dave Cameron. :-)