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Interviewed by Scott Hanselman on Software Metrics

I had the chance to discuss Software Metrics with Scott Hanselman. You can find the Scott’s post here and download the whole mp3 file here (35 minutes, 25.1 MB). I think that Scott’s intentions is to show that Software Metrics … Continue reading 

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A quick analyze of the .NET Fx v4.0 Beta1

Normal 0 21 false false false FR X-NONE X-NONE Let’s have a look to see what the tool NDepend shows when comparing .NET Fx v4.0 beta1 assemblies with v3.5 SP1 ones. I will use a few CQL Queries to get … Continue reading 

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Book Review: Code Leader by Patrick Cauldwell (+ a digression on contracts)

  I remember when, about a decade ago, I was for the first time the lead developer of a team. It was really exciting to be in charge of an entire application, with the unique chance to start it from … Continue reading 

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Calling private methods from Unit Tests

  A classical problem with unit tests is the need for calling non-public methods of the code to test. Indeed, we generally prefer isolating unit tests code in dedicated tests assemblies. And non-public code cannot be called from outer assemblies. … Continue reading 

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Can we avoid tooling to prevent spaghetti code?

Normal 0 21 false false false FR X-NONE X-NONE Recently, Jeremy D. Miller wrote on twitter: I still think NDepend is more important in strange codebases. I know where the coupling pain points are in my own code.   I … Continue reading 

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