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Easier debugging thanks to lightweight methods

On this blog I had the opportunity to discuss about the advantages in respecting basic Code Metrics thresholds, such as having a method with low numbers of Lines of Code, low Cyclomatic Complexity, low Nesting Depth, low number of parameters, … Continue reading 

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Measuring an Interesting Fact

I like numbers, I like measures, I like to rationalize and to optimize. Certainly this passion lead me to create NDepend 6 years ago, that comes with 82 code metrics and several artifacts to measure and visualize coupling, complexity and … Continue reading 

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Windows programming: The "it works on my machine" syndroma

As a .NET programmers, you might feel free from OS specific issues. After all, isn’t the CLR a runtime engine that abstracts the OS? Well that’s the theory, in practice, when deploying over several years a desktop application on tens … Continue reading 

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