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Funny video for geek!!

See it here http://www.koreus.com/video/java-4-ever.html

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  • video

    Very funny……………

  • http://cyberherbalist.wordpress.com Mike Clark

    Yes, very funny, but you might have said something about it being Not Safe for Work (NSFW). :-) I guess I didn’t believe the R rating at the beginning (thought it was part of the joke).

  • http://codebetter.com/members/Patrick-Smacchia/default.aspx Patrick Smacchia

    It is also funny that it is made with Scandinavian actors since we are pretty used to hear Scandinavian accent in IT (Anders Helsberg, Bjarne Stroustrup, Mads Torgersen…). 

    I think the trailer is inspired from the Danish movie Festen

    The film [Festen] tells the story of a family gathering to celebrate their
    father’s 60th birthday. At the birthday dinner, his eldest son publicly
    accuses him of sexually abusing and raping both him and his twin sister
    (who had just recently committed suicide).

  • Loc Tan Vo

    This video is really funny. It’s actually made for the JavaZone 2010 conference and the video kan also be seen on their official website:


  • Edwin

    That’s very funny. Is there any dot-net-4-ever video??? I’d love to see that…