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Code Contracts and Automated Testing are pretty much the same thing

Automated testing became mainstream something like 5 years ago. Nowadays, in 2010, automated testing is somehow accepted by most serious developers. Design by Contract exists for 2 decades, first supported by the Bertrand Meyer’s Eiffel language. Thanks to the recent … Continue reading 

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Idea for future NDepend features (humor)

Just stumbled on this twit by Jim Holmes [:D] NDepend is wonderful. Except when it shows you the truth. Maybe it should have a “JustLieToMe” setting.   In addition to Just Lie To Me, we are mulling over new other … Continue reading 

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Full Coverage by Tests Driven Development (bis)

In the discussion following my last post Full Coverage by Tests Driven Development , thanks to relevant questions I had the chance to dig dipper into my thoughts. Let me elaborate a bit. So basically, if one wishes to cover … Continue reading 

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Full Coverage by Tests Driven Development

  I wrote in a past post about my passion for code 100% covered by tests. High Test Coverage Ratio is a good thing, Anyway! To summarize the main motivations exposed in the post are: Using code contract coupled with … Continue reading 

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Developing Application-Wide

What ? Application-Wide ?  When an application reaches a certain amount of code, the application code gets usually partitioned amongst several Visual Studio solutions. Visual Studio hosting some popular addins like Resharper or CodeRush end up slowing down. Above a … Continue reading 

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