Idea for future NDepend features (humor)

Just stumbled on this twit by Jim Holmes [:D]

NDepend is
wonderful. Except when it shows you the truth. Maybe it should have a
“JustLieToMe” setting.


In addition to Just Lie To Me, we are mulling over new other features including:

  • Dont Tell My DAL Code Depends On UI Code I Am Asking Pay Rise
  • Pretend A Lot Of Code Has Been Developed Recently Since I Spent My Time Looking For Another Job These Last Days
  • Please Tell Me Where This %*!){$”# Bug Comes From I Dont Want To Spend My Night On It

but so far NDepend only has the feature

  • Help Me Convince My Manager That The Code Is So Ugly That We Should Take The Time To Refactor It And Write Tests



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  • hajan

    You really made me laugh! :)
    I’m currently testing the NDepend tool, probably some results will be posted soon on my blog :) – if I have any additional idea for the ‘NPretend’, I will let you knwo :D

  • Steve Py

    “Dude, WTF?!”: During analysis add an audio cue that murmors profanities at the users in various languages, and at the end issues a WTF/min rating.

    Boss Key: Replaces the real diagrams and such with warm and fluffy images that say everything’s going to be alright.

    “What would Patrick Do?”: A series of little hint windows that pop up on start-up.

    “Birds carrying a Whale”: Comes up on the screen when the analysis determines all hope is lost.

  • Humble Coder

    I’m suprised nobody is asking for ‘Fix everything button’!!

  • Patrick Smacchia

    NPretend declined in a products family
    - NPretend Code Is Elegant
    - NPretend Tests Are Written
    - NPretend I Deserve Higher Salary & More Vacations

  • Frans Bouma

    So a new product called ‘NPretend’ :)