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A bit more details on compiler Roslyn plans…

Have a look at this Microsoft Research session entitled “Refactoring with Roslyn Circus Comes to Town,” made on July 19th. It is partly about Roslyn and also about code refactoring in general. Very interesting one … and pleasant to watch!

Mary Jo Foley reported her thoughts on it in a recent blog post as well. It seems Roslyn RTM won’t meet the VS 2012 schedule, but we should have some bits to play around with, hopefully within the next months.

I notice that the kings of refactoring in the .NET scene, the R# guys, are not there. Especially taking account that this morning I’ve done some heavy large scale refactoring with R# that saved my day, and free me some time to watch this session.

Almost a decade of development with .NET and still excited about what’s next … I like it!

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  • Ryan

    slides? what slides??

  • http://twitter.com/rmaclean Robert MacLean

    I suspect the API is pretty locked down already (look how they talk about it in the video, they have a good vocabulary already). 

    I think they could ship along with the standard VS2012 (as you call it) beta cycle and it should be enough, especially since that’s been around since 2008 (3 or 4 years from start to ship feels right).

    Karen Ng also hinted at bits being available “soon”, so maybe we will see a release similar to how the Async stuff is currently (considering Anders is tech lead on both projects, not a big stretch either) before a VS2012 beta.

  • Patrick Smacchia

    >so I am assuming they cut that bit out?!


    >the VS 2012 timeline feels better.

    They’ll need a significant time to get feedback from early users of the Roslyn API, and refactor it, but if VS 2012 is released late in 2012, the schedule certainly fits. It will be also an excellent opportunity to compare the unmanaged and managed C# compiler performances, to evaluate the performance cost of having a CLR. This is challenging since the actual unmanaged compiler is pretty fast!

  • http://www.sadev.co.za Robert MacLean

    I watched the video earlier in the week and also enjoyed it. Did you notice in the download slides there is a Demo slide, but the video doesn’t have that (and Karen Ng moves from one side to another where it should be) so I am assuming they cut that bit out?!

    Mary Jo’s blog is really off – she assumes it has something to do with the cloud, which the video makes VERY clear it doesn’t. I think the fact they have Demo bits (and remember Anders showed bits at PDC 08, and bits were demo’d at TechEd Dubai 2010) that the VS 2012 timeline feels better.