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Include IL Offset into production exception StackTrace

We are currently doing an intensive pesky minor bugs session. Bugs are logged into our gmail account as a production bug tracking server. For each logged crash, we get a stack trace and plenty of information about the machine environment. One … Continue reading 

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An Original Algorithm to Find .NET Code Duplicate

The upcoming Visual Studio 2012 version comes with tooling to find code duplicate. However, today, I’d like to talk about another code duplicate tool for .NET code. This tool comes as a NDepend Power-Tool. Power-Tools are a set of open-source … Continue reading 

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LINQ Performance: Some Case Studies

One essential requirement while developing Code Query and Rule through LINQ (CQLinq) has been performance, both performance of query compilation and performance of query execution. The reason is simple: we want hundreds of CQLinq rules to be verified right inside Visual Studio in a … Continue reading 

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