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Screencast: Inspecting Code Quality and Code Complexity

Recently I had a chance to record a screencast on Inspecting Code Quality and Code Complexity with Filip Ekberg. In this half-hour video we inspect the NUnit v2.5.8 code base quality and complexity with NDepend v4.0:

  • We first use the popular Cyclomatic Complexity code metric…
  • …we then refine our findings by focusing on code quality regression since NUnit v2.5.3.
  • …some more code metrics are then involved, including the code coverage ratio by tests, the C.R.A.P metric and the code coupling ratio.
We plan to do more screencast on other programming related topics. Your feedbacks and suggestions are welcomed.

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  • Ruslan Rusu

    thank you guys it was very helpful, looking forward to see affent and efferent coupling