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Measuring Development Trends

NDepend version 5 has just turned RTM today! Big milestone! Last week I talked of the UI relifting we did, but v5 comes also with several flagship features. One of those new feature is about measuring and visualizing development trends. … Continue reading 

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Rich UI enhancement : A case study

NDepend version 5 Release Candidate has just been released! Just-in-time to be sim-shipped with Visual Studio 2013. This release represents a big achievement for us because it comes with several flagship features, but also because the UI has been thoroughly … Continue reading 

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On Hungarian notation for instance vs. static fields naming

If there is a topic I disagree with most fellow programmers, it is about instance and static fields naming guidelines. Call me old-school, but I am prefixing them with m_ and s_, or in others word I am doing Hungarian … Continue reading 

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