The concept of User Voice

As many I guess, I discovered the concept of User Voice through the Visual Studio User Voice page. We just setup a User Voice page for NDepend this morning. It was surprisingly straightforward, the team did a great job at providing a clean UI to get started!

Certainly like every ISV, we have a sense of what users are missing and since the beginning almost a decade ago, we really did our best to implement features users were suggesting. As Jason Cohen summarized recently: If you don’t listen to what customers are telling you to do, you’ll build a product no one wants to use. This sounds obvious, but periodically, being reminded about obvious things is welcome.

With the concept of User Voice my guess is that we won’t see new ideas of features we’ve never thought or heard about. No, my hope is to be able to finely quantify, to measure the need for each missing features. I am really wondering if we will see a set features emerging? This would mean, to some extend, that we failed at listening to users feedback But this would mean also that by offering a User Voice page we improved our listening skills.

Exciting time :)

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  • Grant Palin

    I quite like the idea of User Voice because it provides an open forum for users to suggest ideas. The people hosting the board can watch the ideas and respond accordingly. The user voting capability well shows which ideas are popular and should be strongly considered.