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Two Screencasts on How to Demystify Spaghetti Code

In my consultant career, no matter the kind of company I visited, from the tiny startup to the largest fortune 500 corporation, they all have in common to be entangled in spaghetti. Spaghetti means poorly structured code. Spaghetti means high maintenance and … Continue reading 

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The beauty of Evolutionary Design and Levelization

Just a quick blog post to present a very concrete occurrence of Evolutionary Design + Levelization in action. I just stumbled on this occurrence after many days of large-scale refactoring. It was like the ice on the cake that concludes … Continue reading 

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Castle Project code organization

This morning I stumbled on a blog post from Krzysztof Kozmic .NET OSS Dependency Hell.  The title caught me straight: dependency + .NET is pretty dear to me. Krzysztof explains a problem users of Castle Project have (hence a problem … Continue reading 

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Easily Explore Existing Architecture

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Hierarchical Namespace Component

Modeling components of a code base with namespaces is a much better idea than modeling them with assemblies. I wrote about the namespaces vs. assemblies debate in the past (Control components dependencies to gain clear architecture). The fact is that … Continue reading 

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Identify Code Structure Patterns at a Glance

Normal 0 21 false false false FR X-NONE X-NONE I think that caring for dependencies is the best thing you can do to make your program maintainable and to fight against complexity. I’d like here to provide some tips to … Continue reading 

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Understanding Code: Static vs Dynamic Dependencies

 There have been some NDepend users’ requests to make the tool able to cop with dynamically fabricated dependency/IoC framework such as Spring.NET. The idea is to read configuration files to artificially inject these dependencies into the code model fabricated by NDepend. As every relevant … Continue reading 

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Finding Assembly-level Dependencies With R#

Here’s a little nuance to ReSharper that I really like and use quite a lot. Find a reference under the “References” node of any Visual Studio project. Pick a referenced assembly, right click, and select “Find Dependent Code.” This will bring … Continue reading 

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