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NDepending Resharper

Andrew Kazyrevich has written an original blog post about NDepending Resharper. Or more precisely analyzing the code base and API of Resharper  with NDepend and comparing the evolution between Resharper v4.5 and v5.0. You’ll see some quantitative information include the … Continue reading 

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Rambling on Cyclomatic Complexity

Normal 0 21 false false false FR X-NONE X-NONE After the number of Lines of Code, the Cyclomatic Complexity (CC) is certainly the second most widely used code metric. Here is its definition from Wikipedia : Cyclomatic complexity (or conditional … Continue reading 

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Dealing with Code Un-Coverable by Tests

Code UnCoverable by Tests Even for test-coverage addict (as me), there is some code that simply cannot be covered by tests. An example? The call to MessageBox.Show() cannot be tested automatically since it is blocking. Of course we could mock calls to MessageBox.Show(), … Continue reading 

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How do you count your number of Lines Of Code (LOC) ?

Do you count method signature declaration? Do you count lines with only bracket? Do you count several lines when a single method call is written on several lines because of a high number of parameters? Do you count ‘namespaces’ and … Continue reading 

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