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Code Query and Rule over LINQ

Yesterday, after two years of a relentless development effort, we finally released NDepend v4. Personally, I consider this version as the biggest milestone we’ve ever achieved. The three flagship features are: Code query and rule over LINQ (CQLinq) NDepend.API to … Continue reading 

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The beauty of Evolutionary Design and Levelization

Just a quick blog post to present a very concrete occurrence of Evolutionary Design + Levelization in action. I just stumbled on this occurrence after many days of large-scale refactoring. It was like the ice on the cake that concludes … Continue reading 

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NDepend v3 is now 100% integrated in Visual Studio.

First of all, if you are like me, you certainly don’t want another Visual Studio extension that will slow down your work environment. So let’s be clear: tremendous efforts have been put on performance and memory consumption. Even on large … Continue reading 

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NDepending Resharper

Andrew Kazyrevich has written an original blog post about NDepending Resharper. Or more precisely analyzing the code base and API of Resharper  with NDepend and comparing the evolution between Resharper v4.5 and v5.0. You’ll see some quantitative information include the … Continue reading 

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Influence the future of NDepend

You face the difficult task of keeping your code base in a clean state. Like many others, you use well accepted techniques such as metrics, componentization, dependency management, automatic rules checking… If you are a user of NDepend, you know … Continue reading 

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Finding Assembly-level Dependencies With R#

Here’s a little nuance to ReSharper that I really like and use quite a lot. Find a reference under the “References” node of any Visual Studio project. Pick a referenced assembly, right click, and select “Find Dependent Code.” This will bring … Continue reading 

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