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A typical effect of setting CopyLocal = true

If you read me in the past, you certainly know that I have a problem about the Visual Studio default option that set CopyLocal = true in project references assemblies. I mean this option: I’ve already explained the problem in … Continue reading 

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NDepending Resharper

Andrew Kazyrevich has written an original blog post about NDepending Resharper. Or more precisely analyzing the code base and API of Resharper  with NDepend and comparing the evolution between Resharper v4.5 and v5.0. You’ll see some quantitative information include the … Continue reading 

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Re-factoring, Re-Structuring and the cost of Levelizing

I think there is a clear distinction between re-structuring and re-factoring code. This is because of the nature of the OOP code which is made of 2 distinct artifacts: methods’ bodies and fields on one hand, and methods’ declarations, types’ declarations, namespaces’ declarations on the … Continue reading 

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Lessons learned from the NUnit code base

I recently analyzed NUnit v2.4.8 with NDepend. The first impression is that developers behind NUnit know their job and did an excellent work. This positive feedback comes from many details, the fact that you can seamlessly open the VisualStudio solution and compile everything immediately, the amount of … Continue reading 

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