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Method return values in Visual Basic .NET – be careful!

While debbuging some code that I had written, I discovered a “feature” of the Visual Basic .NET language that can quickly get you into trouble. From the Visual Basic Language Reference: If you use Exit Function without assigning a value to … Continue reading 

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Microsoft PDC 2003 full content now available

Microsoft has made the PDC 2003 seessions (audio/video/powerpoints) available online for your viewing pleasure (via Duncan Mackenzie). If you missed the PDC, be sure to check these out!

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“A Sneak Preview of Visual Studio C# Whidbey”

According to Duncan Mackenzie, Microsoft has released a sneak preview document describing the new enhancments in Visual C# .NET Whidbey. Recommended!

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Buidling Disconnected Applications – Resources to help get you started

General Making the Case for Local Database and Synchronization Methods for deploying data to disconnected .NET applications frankarr’s Microsoft Security Summit overview post Microsoft Application Blocks Smart Client Offline Application Block Sample Applications TaskVision Northwind Unplugged – recommended IssueVision (download) – Overview … Continue reading 

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“ClickOnce” deployment promises to make deployment of WinForm apps easier

ClickOnce is a new deployment technology in Visual Studio .NET “Whidbey” to build onto the existing support for deploying smart client apps with the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET. ClickOnce promises to help solve a lot of common deployment … Continue reading 

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“Not Performing Due Diligence Has Companies and .NET Paying the Price”

An interesting reflection on where .NET is today in terms of adoption and implementation success. This articles mirrors a lot of my personal experience as a consultant working with companies who adopt .NET technologies. Recommended reading.

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Delegates in C# 2.0 – Productivity enhancements

CodeGuru has posted an article about Working with Delegates Made Easier with C# 2.0. Looks like Microsoft is putting a lot of effort into improving developer productivity with the next release.

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Passing parameters: ref, out, byref, byval – what does it all mean?

Today I came across a post that asked “Are reference types true?” The author was, I believe, trying to make the point that the behavior of reference types passed to methods may behave in a way you don’t expect. (Click the … Continue reading 

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Don Box posts the classic "Hello World" example in XAML

Don Box posts a code snippet of the classic K&R “Hello World” sample using XAML markup and VB. Of course, he also demonstrates how to use the curly braces and semi-colon terminator token to mimick C#. The scary part about this … Continue reading 

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First meeting of the Richmond .NET users group is off to a great start

Tonight was the first meeting of the Richmond.NET Users Group, an INETA member user group. Paul Ballard from Rochester Consulting gave a presentation about using GDI+ in the .NET Framework and shared several helpful tips to make the most out … Continue reading 

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