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Ever wonder about Components, Services, Sites, and Containers?

I have and now my eyes have been opened to a lot of new possibilities. Hop over to Urban Potato’s blog for more information. Nice!

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Harness the power of unit testing with your Windows Forms applications

From TheServerSide.NET: Luke Maxon has released a first version of a Windows.Forms unit testing framework, available on SourceForge. Both scripted (as in, code-by-hand) and recorded (track your interaction with the form) tests are supported, leaving the tester with flexibility in … Continue reading 

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Updates to MSF whitepapers posted to MSDN

Updates to the Microsoft Solutions Framework whitepapers have been posted to the MSDN Downloads Section (RSS): MSF Overview MSF Team Model MSF Risk Management Discipline MSF Readiness Management Discipline MSF Project Management Discipline MSF Process Model IT Occupation Taxonomy Download now … Continue reading 

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Programmatically invoking the Validating event on Windows Forms controls

As a follow up to my previous post about enhancing the validation controls within Windows Forms, there might be times when you would like to manually invoke the “Validating” event of a control. For example, you might want to have … Continue reading 

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Overview of new features and changes for Windows Forms in VS.NET 2005

Kent Sharkey, .NET Evangelist, points out a couple of new resources on MSDN about the upcoming new features and changes to Windows Forms in VS.NET 2005 in the vs2005news blog: Technology Preview Windows Forms Technology Preview March 2004 VS.NET 2005 … Continue reading 

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Learn to enhance the built-in Windows Forms validation controls

New MSDN arcticle: Extending Windows Forms with a Custom Validation Component Library Summary: Data validation is a key step in ensuring clean data capture and subsequent processing and reporting. This installment explores the programmatic validation infrastructure native to Windows Forms … Continue reading 

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Looking for guidance in visually designing your Windows Applications?

Microsoft has for some time now offered the Official Guidelines for User Interface Developers and Designers book online at MSDN. Although now a bit dated and out of print, this book is still a good reference guide to how to … Continue reading 

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MS Seeking Input on Smart Client Architecture Guide

The Patterns and Pratices team at Microsoft has released a pre-alpha release of a new guide to building smart client applications called the Smart Client Architcture Guide. While the guide is incomplete in total content at this point, it does … Continue reading 

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Managing Long Running Processes in Windows Forms Apps

Frequently, we developers need to manage long running processes from within our Windows Forms applications. If you are not already familiar with using delegates and asynchronous calls to manage these units of work, MSDN Magazine has a couple of articles … Continue reading 

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Updated – Buidling Disconnected Applications

I’ve added a few more links to my Buildling Disconnected Applications Resources page for the new IssueVision sample application (not the same as TaskVision) and to the new Smart Client Offline Application Block. This should be a good starting place to … Continue reading 

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