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Are you Test Driven? If so, check out the TestDriven.NET VS.NET plug-in

TestDriven.NET is a popular plug-in for Visual Studio .NET (formerly known as NUnitAddIn) that allows you to easily run your unit tests within the IDE. Some of my favorite features include: Ability to run your test on a single method, within … Continue reading 

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Debugging Tip: Break on unhandled (and otherwise ignored) exceptions

While writing up some code, I noticed that an exception was being generated but not caught by some code that I had written for a Winforms application. As it turns out, the exception details were dumped to the output window … Continue reading 

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Windows Forms Resources Guide

Asynchronous Invocation Patterns and Overviews Microsoft Articles Safe, Simple Multithreading in Windows Forms, Part 1 MSDN Magazine: Basic Instincts “Asynchronous Method Execution Using Delegates” (January, 2004) MSDN Magazine: Basic Instincts “Updating the UI from a Secondary Thread” (May, 2004) Microsoft … Continue reading 

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Enterprise Library 1.0 released

The announcment of the release of v1.0 of Enterprise Library (EntLib) has drawn a lot of attention from many bloggers across the net. If you haven’t heard of EntLib before, it is a new release and repackaging of all the existing Application … Continue reading 

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