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WeProgram.NET (Newport News, VA) users group meeting tonight!

Guest speaker Andrew Duthie (Microsoft’s Developer Evangelist for the mid-atlantic) will be giving a presentation on the Security Block of Enterprise Library:

The Microsoft Enterprise Library Security Application Block, version 1.0, helps developers implement common security-related functionality in their applications. Applications can use the application block in a variety of situations, such as authenticating and authorizing users against a database, retrieving role and profile information, and caching user profile information. The Security Application Block has the following features:

  • It reduces the requirement to write boilerplate code to perform standard tasks.
  • It helps maintain consistent security practices, both within an application and across the enterprise.
  • It eases the learning curve for developers by using a consistent architectural model across the various areas of functionality provided.
  • It provides implementations that you can use to solve common application security problems.
  • It is extensible; it supports custom implementations of security providers.

If you have not heard Andrew speak before, I highly recommed it. He’s a great presenter and the material he is presenting is, as I understand it, brand new so it should be very interesting! (For more information about the Security Block, check out the webcast, slides, and hands-on lab over at p&p live.)

If that’s not enough, we will also be giving away one free license to ReSharper – a developer IDE plug-in for Visual Studio .NET and C#!

For more details and directions to our meeting, please visit the WeProgram.NET web site! See you there!

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