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Avalon and Indigo bits for VS.NET 2005 Beta 2 Released!

For those of you eager to get your hands on the latest and greatest Beta 2 compatible bits for Indigo and Avalon, head on over to the MSDN download page and get ready to have some fun!  If you’re interested … Continue reading 

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Debugging Tip: Troubleshooting deployment runtime errors

Recently, I came across an interesting and cryptic runtime error message for my Windows Forms application after I did an xcopy deployment. The error dialog was from the “Common Language Runtime Debugging Services“ and informed me that, for some unknown … Continue reading 

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Get the Visual Studio .NET 2005 Beta DVD while supplies last

Head on over to Microsoft’s Get The Betas page and order your copy for free while supplies last. You can also sign up to receive alerts of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 educational events and release details. (Thanks … Continue reading 

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Workspace for DsoFramer Enhancments created

Victor Feintuch and I have created a new DsoFramer Enahcments Workspace over on GotDotNet for enhancements to Microsoft's DsoFramer control. Victor has already made some enhancements by fixing an event bug for events generated by hosted Office applications. We also … Continue reading 

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Looking forward to Community Server integration with SharePoint!

In my last blog post, I wrote about two new tools for SharePoint that have come out that let you do a wiki and blog engine. Rob Howard, founder of Telligent Systems who builds Community Server, posted a comment to … Continue reading 

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Interesting new SharePoint Wiki and Blog engine tools

WikiSharePoint – "A set of SharePoint web parts which make it possible to create a Wikipedia-like application in SharePoint Portal Server or Windows SharePoint Services. The project is in beta, but I would like share it and invite you to use … Continue reading 

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Windows Forms Quick Tip: Use your Tag property!

A question I frequently come across is how to add some type of context information to UI controls in a Windows Forms project. For instance, you might have a textbox where you want to revert to the original value if … Continue reading 

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OpenNETCF Application Blocks for Compact Framework released

This is great news for any of you who develop applications with the Compact Framework! The Microsoft patterns & practices team has joined forces with the OpenNETCF team to deliver high-quality p&p approved Application Blocks that address common challenges developer … Continue reading 

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SharePoint Advisor Magazine launched

SharePoint Advisor Magazine was launched recently and has a good amount of high-quality articles that make it worth checking out. Here's a list of highlights from the premiere issue:   Better Collaboration: Site Collections in SharePoint Portal Server 2003Site collections give … Continue reading 

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One of the many reasons why RSS Bandit rocks!

One of my most favorite features of RSS Bandit is the ability to define ‘Identities’ that will highlight certain blog posts that mention your name (detected by a link to your blog) in them. For example, I was mentioned in the … Continue reading 

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