Testing news aggregators, maybe expecting too much and going wiki-wacky

My last post on newsagregators got some interesting comments. At the moment I am taking a look at sharpreader as well. To do that I need a liitle test post. So this one links back to my previous post on newagregators. I wonder what it is going to look like in bandit and sharpreader.

Another thing which drew my attention are wiki’s. The first thing which comes in my minds are kwi-kwis, that are tropical catfishes which make lovely gentle pets but according to the (Surinam) people in the Netherlands they are best fit to make a good soup. But a Wiki is a way of discussing something in public on the net. Sounds like the discussing “tool“ I was looking for. Bandit has a Wiki item in the help menu but the project is repoted to be “no-longer-maintened”.

Anyway, I’ll let you know.


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  • Peter