Cool(-ing) Microsoft hardware

The heat is taking caualties. Last night I spilled a glas of cool water over my “MS natural keyboard Pro“. Didn’t pay much attention. This morning I found the keyboard gone mazurk. Dissection reveiled a lot of water and corrosion of the “printed wire”. I got the keyboard working again but some of my keys, like the left alt, are dead. What am I to do ?

Option A : buy a new keyboard. My model is no longer sold, desired specs for the new kbd:

  • Ergonomic, aka melted.
  • Good click
  • USB connector
  • On board USB hub
  • Function keys like mail and web

That is going to be difficult. MS doesn’t have it.

My mouse is plugged into the keyboard. The keyboard is plugged into an USB switch. Computers plug into the switch. I can use mutiple PC’s, like notebook, server and “gameboy”, with just one keyboard and mouse. So the onboard hub is important.

Option B: Repair the keyboard.

The hub still works, I think some of the wiring, which connects the switch-dots is corroded/burnt. Not badly. Does anybody have any experience with repairing “printed wire” sheets ? All suggestions welcome.


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  • Scott Galloway

    Umm…Microsoft used to have it, the Natural Keyboard Pro – I am using one right now…it is a big beast and has an odd split keyboard (useful for those of us with occasional burning wrists (A.K.A. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). It has a USB hub, very ergonomic, function keys (lots and lots…media control,mail,web etc…). You might want to check out some of the newer MS keyboards…