Some virus attacks are more successful

Microsoft has pretty well survived the attack, I was less lucky. This one went to my nose and throat and I’m not feeling too well. The main problem is not being able to think straight. Last weekend I was trying to create a post for the Apress forum but I ended up in a piece of garbage that, thanks goodness,  I didn’t post. It will have to wait. So for the moment I’ll do some short takes for my blog. See if I can manage this.


I am still interested in seeing comments in my newsreader and also still interested in comments on comments. Bandit showed me once a little treelike structure. The post had subnodes pointing to the post referred to. And these subnodes had subnodes again. The next time I opened bandit all subnodes had gone, Bandit had even forgotten which post I had already read. So still a little flaky. Maybe it has to do with my IP-address ? There is a NAT router between the private IP address of my machine and the web. Just a guess…

To see all posts in full glory I  visit the dnj website. .TEXT shows the post there very well. Great tool Scott ! Please take comments on comments on the wishlist, the db is ready for it. Or is this just my wish ? Have I been using too muck Oulook Express ? I would love to reply to comments, now I have to do this in a new blog post.

“DN Junkie XL on the 7th floor” must be another Dutchie. He blogs on another webbased newsagregator. Going to try that.

Cool MS keyboard

If you happen to use a Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro treat it like the treasure it is. MS no longer sells it and nowhere on the web I found a keyboard with all of these features.

  • USB connector
  • On board USB hub
  • Ergonomic layout
  • Web function keys
  • Classical 2 by 3 PgUp PgDn block

Even if you drop the latter nothing pops up. I am going to try to repair mine.

Using Frontpage and VS.NET simultaneously to edit a page

VS.NET is a great tool to create web pages but when it comes entering pure text it’s HTML editor can’t rival FrontPage. That’s natural, they are both quite different tools. The good thing is that you can work in FP and VS.NET simultaneously on the same page.

Let’s suppose you have the page open in VS.NET. In FP (XP) all aspx pages are included in the  file open dialog (Files of type : web page). You should not open the file over http (use c:\inetpub\wwwroot\MyProject or the like), then you have to tackle some security  issues. The page will open fine, FP treats the stuff as just another form. And now you edit your static text and include your images using all FP tools available. Not the least being the built in spelling checker. When you save the page in FP will immediately see the page has changed and will suggest a reload. After that your page looks great in VS.NET as well. FP will not respond to updates saved by VS.NET. You have to click the refresh button yourself.

I am using FP more and more. Also to write this. The .text admin tool is really great but it lacks the spell-check. Some other pages on the web are just plain crap. Long live cut and paste.

Including a setup with your app

I know, has xcopy deployment, but I am surprised by the fact that a lot of the tools I download don’t include (or consist) of a simple (msi) installer file. Creating a setup with your project has been made so extremely easy by that it almost doesn’t deserve to be described. It’s a marvel. Creating setup’s is something which is almost skipped in all documentation. Should I write a contribution on it for the DNJ ? No, not yet, the pipeline hasn’t been cleared yet. Just add a setup project to your solution and give it a try yourself.

At this moment I am spending my R&D time on reading “Inside VS.NET” by Microsoft Press. It describes loads of gems to be found in VS. And it does contain good coverage of customizing setups. This book is an easy reader and I would advise anybody using to read it. It’s a little like a missing manual. A pity you have to buy it separately but MS offered quite a huge discount at the 2003 introduction.


That’s it. Pharmacy.update is at work and I am going to take a nap.

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