DotNed flashmob

Last night, august the 28th, I went for the first time to the monthly meeting of dotned, a Dutch .net user group. The meeting was in one of those 13 in a dozen hotels you are probaly all to familiar with. At first there was noone to befound but all of a sudden we were with 20 people listening to a quality presentation and having a quite interesting discussion. I was struck by the level of both presentation and discussion. In the presentation on plug-ins things like appdomains, reflection and attributes came by if they were plain vanilla. The code demonstrating them looked that way allright. Isn’t .net great, the sofisticated things you can do with so little code. Do more with less, to speak with Microsoft. Most attendees were quite deep in .net and the discussion was great. All of a sudden the meeting was over and everybody disapeared into the night. Next month there is a new meeting. Absolutely recommended.

There is one more thing I want to mention. Quite a few of the attendees had (a lot of) Delphi experience. We all agreed on being the new Delphi. I wasn’t alone in my scepitsim on C# builder. One quote for those of you who do understand Dutch : “.Net is Anders”.


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  • Frans Bouma

    "those 13 in a dozen hotels"…

    haha 😀

    "I look the cat out of the tree" :)

    Ik wist helemaal niet dat er een stichting ter bevordering van het .NET gebruik bestond (Maar goed, Nederland, zo gek is het ook weer niet, er is voor alles een stichting hier :)). Es kijken of volgende maand interessant is om wat te vertellen wellicht.

  • Jonne Kats

    Jammer dat ik het dit keer gemist heb. Volgende maand ben ik ook weer van de partij…