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Blogging articles

The dnj site allready contains a huge amount of tutorials and other stuff, so what would be the use to start publishing articles in a blog ? I think a good reason would be feedback to check and improve the … Continue reading 

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To RPC or to WSE ?

MSDN tv is great. Over there you can watch very interesting presentations on very interesting material. The image quality is good enough to read what is being typed. The sound is so-so, you have to turn up the volume quite … Continue reading 

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FeedDemon: absolutly great !

I was still looking for a news-aggregator. Having tried everything I could get my hands on, RSS Bandit was the only one which had survived. I learned to live with its pecularities, the most annoying being its ability to forget … Continue reading 

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Getting ready for the PDC

My first reason for going to the PDC is that I just love to hear good stories on software development. The upcoming Whidbey has such an enormous amount of fascinating features, I just have to hear these from the people … Continue reading 

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Spamming a weblog

This may sound ridicilous but my blog got spammed. A comment on a post of last august by Viagrx consited of a large list of url’s pointing to the usual rubbish. Handy that delete comment linkbutton.

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Smartnavigation not so smart when it comes to a Response.Redirect

This post is about something which is widely found on the net, you will find many hits with google on the (at first sight) unlogical combination of Smartnavigation and Redirect. Nevertheless it kept me busy for some time. There seemed to … Continue reading 

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Changing the visibility of a class member and base classes in the framework

Working on a custom web-control I have been struggling a little with the visibility of class members. What I wanted to do is define functionality in a base class, keep that hidden and publish parts of it in descendent classes. … Continue reading 

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Crash testing Server 2003, aka system maintenance

Perhaps not a very interesting thing for a blog but I have spent some time on “system maintenance” leading to some thing I want to share with you. I have a former PC running Windows 2003 server. It is a … Continue reading 

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Weaving the web

I still believe the best form of communication is two way, including in weblogs. It is nice that readers can comment to posts in a weblog. For years I have lived in newsgroups, being a heavy poster and replyer. Web-logs … Continue reading 

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Profiling a datareader

It is hard to be original on the web, everything has been said before. In my blog on datareaders I talked about some performance tests I had done on a datareader. Both Joseph Cooney in a response and Grant Kilian … Continue reading 

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