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DotNed meeting

About 60 people attented yesterday’s meeting of the DotNed user group. Just before leaving my office my first Longhorn startup screen came up and on the train-ride I had been reading .NET books bought on the PDC. I was totally … Continue reading 

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Busy day

Today, the 27th, is going to be a busy day DotNed will meet again. In Amsterdam Sloterdijk and not Diemen ! Despite all I’m going by train again which will give me the opportunity to read. “Essential .NET“ by Don … Continue reading 

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Growing up in public. (It’s the document, stupid..)

This post’s title is the name of a Dutch theatre company. It would be a lovely title for a (my) blog as well. Recently I posted some blogs on xslt, some good feedback has well fed my insight. My main … Continue reading 

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Lost sight of your viewstate ?

In a recent post I blogged on reducing the size of the viewstate. This has been a great success in the project and my default procedure has become to disable a control’s viewstate right after dropping it on the form, … Continue reading 

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Fixing a broken installation. (The Web server reported the following error when attempting to create or open the Web project located at the following….)

After a failing installation of a VS.NET 2003 add-in, possibly because I  have Whidbey and 2003 running in parallel, I had quite a hard time to get everything working again. I found a lot of hits in support groups, a lot … Continue reading 

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Xwhat ? Xpath !

This blog is a great way to organize my thoughts and has some great sparring partners, special thanks to Joseph Cooney. It all started with an involuntary collision with xslt, after which I tried to get a better grab on … Continue reading 

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XSLT again

My previous chatter on XSLT was possibly stated a little to strong. I do not want to ban every use(r) of it, I do even see places where it is useful. At the time of writing I was pissed of … Continue reading 

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Another gem in the PDC pile

Running through all the stuff I had brought home from the PDC I found a small disk : “Jeffrey Richter“. He’s the author of the marvelous, must-read,  “Applied MS .NET Framework Programming” book. On the disk is also a full … Continue reading 

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Dotnetjunkies site 3 : the cookie monster

Cookies issued by the previous version of the dnj (or sqlj) site lead to failing links. After deleting all dnj (and sqlj) cookies from your local machine the site becomes far more functional. You have to log in again to … Continue reading 

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Mixing data and code, the XSLT damage continues

To start with a disclaimer : I am not hindered with much of practical XSLT experience. Mainly a matter of taste. But the technique keeps popping up over and over again. Every book on XML does cover it, there’s a … Continue reading 

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