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DotNed met

Yesterday evening 35 people attended the meeting of the Dutch DotNED user group. The weather made it a bit of a gamble to go, to me it is a 180 km drive. But that’s part of living up North. Anyway, … Continue reading 

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Selecting a Stylesheet at runtime

You can adjust the appearance of your web form with a CSS (cascading style sheet). In the format menu of the VS.NET web form designer is document styles. Here you select a css file or you can build a style … Continue reading 

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How to drive VS.NET crazy

VS.NET has a tight integration with SQL server. From the server explorer you can browse your databases, view or update any data in them and even do a lot of design stuff. You can see some examples in this dnj … Continue reading 

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Get connected, but don’t stay connected (A connection pooling error has occured)

Perhaps just some open doors being kicked in agian, but : Thanks to the connection pool, connecting to a database is is fast. A sqlConnection.Open() gets you to the database in a snap and a sqlConnection.Close() will return … Continue reading 

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DotNED meets again

This is a message to Dutch .net developers not subscribed to the dotned newsletter. This should be an empty collection. The Dutch .NET user group DotNED (-erland) will meet again January 29th. With a talk on NUnit by Sander “Devtips” … Continue reading 

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Templates going haywire (There is already a component named ….)

Sometimes the template editor in VS messes things up. After clicking “edit template” a horror like this might show up: This is fixable :  When you drop a control, like a textbox or label, on the page VS will create a … Continue reading 

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Once more on Crystal (Access to report file denied)

I still do like Crystal reports but getting them to work on a production machine can be pretty frustrating. Responses to earlier posts showed me that I'm not the only one. So here's another. You can print a Crystal report … Continue reading 

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(Viewstate) Size (really) matters 34ft5#4

Last november I blogged in detail on reducing the viewstate size of a page with a dtagrid or a datalist. This week I saw the app concerned in its production environment. It was a cripple duck, now it is a … Continue reading 

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The difference between the internet and the intranet according to .net security

This weekend I watched another Software legends CD show. These mini CD’s were handed out on the PDC and on a DotNed meeting. They all contain an interview and/or a presentation. Chris Sells’s one starts with an interview by Don Box on … Continue reading 

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New public Whidbey build ?

As I understand things a new Whidbey build will be made avaialble on the MS Developer Days. These are scheduled somewhere around March in the states but over here, in the Netherlands, they will be coming january 22. Also here … Continue reading 

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