New public Whidbey build ?

As I understand things a new Whidbey build will be made avaialble on the MS Developer Days. These are scheduled somewhere around March in the states but over here, in the Netherlands, they will be coming january 22. Also here a copy of Whidbey is promised in the goodies pack  Will this be the PDC build (which is a lovely tool) ? The agenda of the Dutch devdays does consist for 90% out of PDC highlights. Or will we be the first to get a new build (which is even more exciting) ?

blog on, Peter

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  • Dino Esposito

    Same for me. Spring (maybe TechEd time) is the most likely date for the first public beta.


  • Peter van Ooijen

    Ok guys, thanks for setting that straight. Do you happen to know anything about a "feature freeze" for this spring ?

    BTW, what should we call Whidbey, alpha or beta ? I’d suggest "betalpha"…

  • Scott Galloway

    Same here, no mention of the beta – rumour was that June 2004 is the most likely date for the beta

  • Frans Bouma

    I’m in the alpha project but I haven’t heard of a new beta build. I’d be surprised if a new beta is handed out to show visitors and not to the alpha people.