DotNed met

Yesterday evening 35 people attended the meeting of the Dutch DotNED user group. The weather made it a bit of a gamble to go, to me it is a 180 km drive. But that’s part of living up North. Anyway, I made it (almost) in time, just 3 minutes late.

The weather also takes it’s toll on our health. Sander “Devtips” Gerz had some kind of flu but nevertheless presented a very clear story on Nunit. Both the why and the how of unit testing were covered. You can find his presentation in the form of an article on his site. In Dutch but recommended. The slides and sample code will be on the DotNed site. Many of the attendees had been using unit testing. All agreed that starting with unit testing (first write the test and then start coding) was no problem, but keeping up with it in the course of the project was harder.

The second presentation was on This is a datagrid component meant to create quick and dirty pages to update database data. The speaker, Ries Vriend, gave a flashy show how to build an editable datagrid in a couple of minutes. Including lookup combo-boxes and the like. You program the component by editing an xml configuration file. It was a show which no doubt will impress a system administrator who needs a quick solution, but it did not convince me as a developer. My main objection is that the component is very quick but also quite dirty. Imagine a datagrid having a connection string property ? Which can be set from the web.config, but nevertheless.. Almost sounds mono-lithical. But this just an opinion (read my blog title), if you have to do some quick and dirty work, check out the website. It is crammed with information. Speaking on opinions and Dutch : I thought the Tedit component has a typical Dutch flavor : “to hell with theory, just make it work”. But that’s not really my cup of tea.

Best part of  a user group meeting is talking with fellow developers. Again Delphi (for .net) was a favorite topic. A couple of people had had hands-on experience with Delphi for .net. Some of them doing crazy things. Like dropping components, like the Raize components, on winforms. Which, after some fiddling, worked. Looks like the release of is a giant leap from what I got demo-ed last december. I’m still waiting for the trial.

Driving home was a different story. In Friesland I ran into a real blizzard but Ygdrassil got me through. It was quite an adventure.


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