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For an app I needed a componenet to get mail from a pop mail server. After some browsing I took a shot at It looks pretty comprehensible, quite powerfull and has very fair licensing. To try the componenet I built … Continue reading 

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Get your Crystal report working on your customers server (Cannot find KeycodeV2.dll, or invalid keycode)

Actually I do like Crystal Reports. It may not be perfect but the way it works with datasets, its grouping a selecting options and the web report viewer are very workable. Deploying Crystal Report to a web server is another … Continue reading 

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An aspx page is not well formed

Last year I posted some things on xslt. I bumped into xslt by accident. When you open an aspx file in IE, without IIS sitting inbetween, you get an xslt error messages. By default IE tries to apply an XSLT … Continue reading 

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Clear(Type) view on 2004

A little late but a happy new year to everybody ! To start this year two tips on “screen-ergonomics”. Turn down the contrast (and intesinty) on your monitor. Especially LCD monitors produce a very bright image. Which does tire your … Continue reading 

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