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Forms authentication without a (visible) form

A user can browse your web-pages anonymous or as an authenticated user. This is set in the web.config of your site. <authorization>   <allow users=”*” /> <!— Allow all users —></authorization> By default every user can browse any page. If you … Continue reading 

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Why localhost may not be a good sqlserver (Cannot generate SSPI context)

Setting up the forums app on my local XP pro machine took some puzzling. The setup proposes localhost as sqlserver. Running the app resulted in a Cannot generate SSPI context error. There is a MS support article on this HOW … Continue reading 

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My neighbour started blogging

My neighbour started blogging. Now we can wave at each other from our window, chat on MSN and exchange messages using that .text server on the other side of the globe. Isn’t technology great ? Peter

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Codezone magazine

Last DotNed meeting we were handed out #1 of codezone magazine >> enter… The magazine looks very familiar. It is (graphicaly) styled like a Microsoft Developer product and quotes itself as the latest “cool tool” from MS. Inside the usual adds, a … Continue reading 

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Crystal reports roundup

Getting Crystal Reports to work on a webserver is a bumpy road. Solving parts of the puzzle is usualy worth a (well read) blog post Here's a roundup of my main problems with Crystal : Make sure Crystal is installed … Continue reading 

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Handling strings in .NET can be very expensive, one of the most down to earth recomendations of code profilers often deals with this. In a response on a profiling post (sorry, lost the link..) Frans mentions the good perfomance of … Continue reading 

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for a while

for (int i= 1; i < 10; i++)   textBox1.Text+= i.ToString(); for (int i= textBox1.Text.Length; textBox1.Text.Length < 20; i++)   textBox1.Text+= i.ToString(); for (;textBox1.Text.Length < 40;)   textBox1.Text+= ‘#’; while (textBox1.Text.Length < 60)   textBox1.Text+= ‘$’; The textbox (started as ++) will contain ++1234567891112131415###################$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ … Continue reading 

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do while, do not repeat

In C# you can express a lot using with a minimal set of statements. One of the active goals of the C# team is to keep the language as simple and small as possible. Another (small) example of this is … Continue reading 

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Dutch user groups meeting

The Dutch .NET user group dotNed will meet the evening 26th of february in Utrecht. Admitance is free to everybody. The Dutch usergroup SDGN (covering .NET, Delphi, Java, Visual object and Clipper) will meet the whole monday the 15th of March … Continue reading 

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Are you sure ?

Are you sure about what you’r blogging about ? What about the disclaimer on Omri Gazitt’s blog : “The content of this site are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in anyway. In addition, my thoughts … Continue reading 

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