Every hardware we dream of, we are getting

Last night I watched the combined Vs.live / mobile devcon / speechTEK keynote online. It’s Bill Gates speaking on Visual Studio 2005. Not a dazzling show but it did include several good demos. For those of you who visited the PDC only the speech server was a new thing.

The most interesting aspect to me was the hardware targetted. The quote used as a title for this post actually was on today’s graphics cards and processors. But in general VS and the .net framework target far more than just a PC or server. Mobile phones, organizers, cameras, everything you can dream of and any hybrid ofspring. All make up perfect targets for your .net apps. It’s not about Windows, it’s about ms coming to a device near you. The compact framework is going to be very important in .net 2.

Worth mentioning is the quality of the video. Far better than the usual MSDN tv. Full screen, good picture quality, no hickups and no distorted sound. WMP 9.


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