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A virus going after the developer him(her)self

Last week’s SDGN meeting was great fun. I did two presentations and followed two others. Lot’s of C#, objectspaces, xml, DTS. What a day. A special treat was the lunch. Apparantly some of the food was infected. The virus had … Continue reading 

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Java and .NET forced to divorce

The SDGN is a Dutch user group with quite a long history. We started somewhere around 1986 as a Clipper usergroup.  With the coming of Windows the scope broadened with Delphi, Visual Objects (the Windows successor to Clipper which never … Continue reading 

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Sex, lies and Whitehorse ;>

Yesterday Stephen Forte did his Whitehorse presentation in the Netherlands. Good show. I had seen parts of the project on the PDC’s architecture forum. Stephen also showed how code and the model updated each other. The reason for me parafrasing … Continue reading 

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Useful datasets

Recently Ken Brubaker gave a nice overview of recent discussions on creating distributed apps with .NET. Some of the main points : Most .net demos are monolithic. The data-access and UI are all in one assembly. Most demo apps work with … Continue reading 

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Importing datasets in a VS solution

Yesterday I posted about a problem Patrick Peters (faithfull SDGN member) had with a dataset. The problem was that VS did not generate the dataset class for a given schema. I could reproduce his problem but could not produce a … Continue reading 

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What am I missing ?

I love typed datasets. I love XSD’s. Import them into your project and .NET will generate a beautifull class for you. Usually importing datasets is a no-bump matter but there is something wrong with this schema : <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ … Continue reading 

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Doing your own taxes, or how to become a zero

As a small company I still do my own taxes. Every year it is a bloody battle to reach the final 0 when all things added in the left column exactly equal all things added in the right column. Normally … Continue reading 

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Fone blogging

Have you ever heard of fone blogging ? The idea is to send commented pictures to a fonelog site who will publish them, just like a blog. The pictures are taken and sent with a modern (gprs) phone with a built … Continue reading 

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First European Whitehorse presentation

Monday the 15th the Dutch user group SDGN will meet again. As an extra attraction in a day full of presentations Stephen Forte will do the (claimed) first European presentation on Whitehorse. Stephen is a regular speaking for the SDGN. I … Continue reading 

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February the 29th

Four years after Y2K systems still mess up on a date issue. In the Netherlands the software of a big operator of parking lots appeared to be not prepared for a february with 29 days once in a while. Round the … Continue reading 

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