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From index.htm to default.aspx

A large project of mine consists of a number of web applications. So far everything was tied together with a regular webpage index.htm. As some functionality was needed there as well it had to become a default.aspx. Firing up … Continue reading 

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The 30th of april is a national holiday in the Netherlands. Besides being out eldest son’s birthday it is queens day. Part of the fun is selling your junk without any need of a permit, vrijmarkt translates as free market. … Continue reading 

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Wikis on the dotnetjunkies ?

I’m not deep into wiki’s at all. The most things I had seen were more or less a kind of chicken-shack, noisy and chaotic. But the interop wiki several people have blogged about is dramatically changing my mind. In the … Continue reading 

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Good meeting

Yesterday some 60 developers joined for a meeting of DotNed. The presentations were quite diverse Hassan Fadili kicked of with a general introduction on platform tot platform communication and the role of design patterns therein. Hassan is a very faithfull … Continue reading 

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Live at last : the myfone forum

It took some trouble but the forum of myfone is live at last. We are using the beta of the forums which is an open source app still undergoing (big) changes. The myfone site already had a large user … Continue reading 

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Don’t forget the Ned

Hey you Dutchies. Don’t forget to come tomorrow (22nd of april) to the meeting of the dotned user group. See you there. Peter

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Spam, .NET and a Windows service

A new article with this title is up on the sdgn site. It’s a bit of cookbook recipe how to build, install and debug a Windows service. The functionality of the service uses devmail to read and write email. Peter

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XML-RPC (and Dutch ZIP codes)

Cendris is offering a (paid) web service to validate Dutch ZIP codes. A bump in using it is that it does not offer goodies like wsdl like we are used to in the .NET implementation of web services. Cendris uses … Continue reading 

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Transfering data between webapps using a cookie

At this moment I am working on coupling two different applications. A custom one and the beta forums. What I want to do is use an own user database to authenticate users in the forum app. The forums … Continue reading 

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System.DBNull.Value != null

Spent the most of easter digging through heaps of sql. So here’s another “in-stinker” which almost had me fooled again. Inside of a component I’m not afraid to work directly with sqlcommands. Setting up a datadapter and a dataset would … Continue reading 

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