Live at last : the myfone forum

It took some trouble but the forum of myfone is live at last. We are using the beta of the forums which is an open source app still undergoing (big) changes. The myfone site already had a large user database and offers extra functionality to registered users. This led to a conflicting wishlist :

  1. To the users the site and the forum should be one. No separate logins.
  2. The forum application should be used with as little alterations as possible

The implementation took quite some research but we have found an easy way :

  1. Comment out the login and logout controls in the user controls of the forums. The user controls are a skin to the forum code which will not miss the login boxes and buttons.
  2. Transfer the user credentials from the custom application to the forum application using a cookie.
  3. Add a custom login and logout form to the forum app. These handle the cookie and redirect the request. They never show up.

And it works. In case you’re interested : membership is free. The main site is in Dutch but the forum is in English. After all it is the beta forum straight from the zip.



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