Good meeting

Yesterday some 60 developers joined for a meeting of DotNed. The presentations were quite diverse

Hassan Fadili kicked of with a general introduction on platform tot platform communication and the role of design patterns therein. Hassan is a very faithfull DotNed visitor, this time he was on the other side of the beamer. Nervous as hell and plagued by (temporary) crutches he did a flaming talk. Good guy !

We were ready to see some real .net/java interaction in the second part of the presentation where his collegue Stephan Smetsers demonstrated the model-view-controler pattern. He did this in a Delphi 8 windows app which did not cross any boundaries at all. In the last minute of his part it became clear that the controller component he was demonstrating was not part of Delphi 8 but his own creation. It would have been nice to have heard some more on how he had created that. Chance missed.

In the second presentation Sander van de Velde showed us the Borland Enterprise Core Objects in Delphi 8. Something comparable to objectspaces. I was very much charmed by Sander’s style of presenting : clear, easy going and informative. After an introduction to model driven development, taking it as broad as possible, he did a demo on using ECO in Delphi 8. I was a little less convinced of the usability of ECO itself. It is very hard to use in a true multi-tier scenario and is a vendor lock in down to the database itself. ECO does a lot of fiddling with the databse making it hard to build another app against it without using ECO.

The first glimpse of Visual studio was not untill the third presentation. Marc van Gulik of the hosting Deco ICT solutions did a very good talk on .net remoting. (No picture available) In a couple one liner demo’s he very cleary demonstrated diffences like client side activated versus server side activated. Just quality.

Peer to peer at dotned is always great thanks to the diversity of the visitors. Many of them have or had something with Delphi leading to interesting discussions. Delphi (8) for .net is a now reality but will it keep the tool in the mainstream ? It comes with a set of tools (like ECO) but how everything is integrated is another question. The tools were bought which still clearly shows through. For instance, the database key fields generated by ECO are named BoldID. BoldSoft was the creator of the tool. At the same time a lot of the Delphi developers were laid off. You do need real developers to integrate your tools. Speaking of commerce, another con is the price of Delphi. For the price of one Delphi enterprise licence you can have two years of MSDN universal. But breaking up is hard to do.

The journey home form a dotned meeting always has a special attraction. Last time I got caught in a blizzard. This time all traffic on the highway was set aside for a an alcohol check. Good ! Dutch traffic is horrible, everything helps. The kind of bumper stickers on my old (but not rusty) Volvo are quite different from the one’s Brendan suggests. In Dutch a bumper sticker (bumperklever) is somebody driving just a couple of feet behind, at a speed far over 100 km/hour. That said I hope to survive to see all of you on the next meeting.


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  • Peter van Ooijen

    David, I don’t know how many people were laid off. There were quite a lot of topics on it in the Borland ng’s. A couple moved over to the "dark side" they’re now working on Avalon and the like.

    Why they were laid off ? To cut costs ? On the short time that worked, recent results of Borland seemed to have to been good. I’m not sure about the long term, doing more (products) with less (developpers) is about something else. :}

  • Paul Gielens

    btw see Hassan’s nervous hand in pic in, for real 😀

  • David Champion

    How many developer layoffs and why?

  • Peter van Ooijen

    hi Paul, I live up north. The checkpoint was between Staphorst and Hoogeveen. Set up really big. Perhaps its was part of a nationwide campaign ?

    I would have liked a beer at the end of the meeting, but it’s drinking or driving. To do it good :>

  • Paul Gielens

    Excuse me for asking but where do you live? I ditched the A2 near Eindhoven and soon found myself within a crowd of police officers. Luckily a Big Tasty with bacon didn’t go through for alcohol 😀