Wikis on the dotnetjunkies ?

I’m not deep into wiki’s at all. The most things I had seen were more or less a kind of chicken-shack, noisy and chaotic. But the interop wiki several people have blogged about is dramatically changing my mind. In the last months I’ve posted some tips which worked on my (customers) machine to solve common problems like fixing an installation or getting Crystal to work. These posts keep on attracting loads of comments. A lot with many more usefull tips how to get the problems fixed on other machines as well.

What I see is people starting conversations in the comments to my original posts and others start asking about related problems. Instead of me updating my posts again and again (or comment that I just don’t know either), isn’t this what wikis are all about ? Would it be an idea to start them on the dnj ?


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  • pvanooijen

    Now that is something for a wiki. :)

    My idea would be to check the rights in the temp dir. As described in one of my other (I’m through with) Crystal posts

  • kavi

    During exporting time from crystal report to excel in 1.1(and server 2003) gives error “CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ExportException: Error in File C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\temp_923804fe-c761-41df-830e-1fbeb1074f3e.rpt: Error detected by export DLL: ”
    please help me regarding the same. already searched solution but not able to solve this.