The 30th of april is a national holiday in the Netherlands. Besides being out eldest son’s birthday it is queens day. Part of the fun is selling your junk without any need of a permit, vrijmarkt translates as free market. This year my family joined in and we had a good time.

Being a modern guy I’ll continue the fun here on the web. For sale:

  • Finnish version of Office 97 (MSDN leftover)
  • Windows 2/386 on original disks. 5.25 drive not included
  • DS DD 5.25 drive. One head broken.. you can still use it to read single side disks…

And so one.

Quote of the day : “Oranje boven. maar boven Groningen gaat niets”. Full clip here. RealPlayer only.

Enjoy your weekend.



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  • Peter van Ooijen

    Thanks, James.

    Hey Scott, you really know about Dutch haute cuisine :>

  • Scott Galloway

    Cool, I studied in Groningen is 2000 – always remember the slightly surreal day walking around seeing all this stuff on the sidewalks – I had no idea what was going on! I still miss Febo…

  • James D. Beine

    Happy Birthday to your son Peter! You have a great weekend as well. -Jamie.