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Where it’s @ when addressing sql parameters from code.

Speaking of SQL. Take this sql query in a datadapter SELECT Name, Street FROM Customer WHERE id = @idCust The @ in front of idCust indicate idCust is a paramater. You can access these parameters from code. Being a bad … Continue reading 

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sa ? Sharks Anonymous !

In the dark years of last century the letters sa, standing for one of the nazi groups, were bad. They still are banned form Dutch car plates. As not to confront people with the dreaded letters. IT has given the two-letter … Continue reading 

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The scope of the session object (where have my objects gone ?)

You can use the session object to store things you need in other places of your web-app. With the many assemblies which make an app it is sometimes a little puzzling where your session objects can be reached and where … Continue reading 

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CoCreateGuid .net style

For an app I needed some GUID’s at runtime. In the COM days I  used the CoCreateGuid for that. In .NET it is much simpler, it is even so simple  I overlooked it and spent far to long looking for a … Continue reading 

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Apple is no Aprils fool

Did you know that the Apple company was founded the 1st of april in 1976 ? I didn’t, but our local newspaper had a story (in Dutch) on the birth of the personal computer. The story started nice but the expert carted in stated … Continue reading 

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