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SmartNavigation and Redirect (not !) again

Some things just happen twice. I had been battling smart-navigation before. Trying to redirect from code on a page with smart-navigation switched on can lead to blank browser screens. The solution was to set smart navigation to false first before … Continue reading 

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MSDN subscription discs

Finally tidied up my office. Cleared out a couple of old MSDN subscriptions. A two year old CD european subscription. The Greek Windows 98 brotherly next to the Turkish Windows 2000. Both never been used. I’m still looking for something … Continue reading 

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WinInfo newsletter no longer considered spam

For several months I had been digging through my spam mailbox to get WinInfo update and related newsletters. It took some effort, I even built some tools to automate the process, but the content was allways worth it. Since last … Continue reading 

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Mailto links

Recently my neighbour Warnar blogged a little on sending mail from an app. He explained how to use the smtpserver on the webserver. Recently I needed some mail functionality on the client machine. A web-page should start an email message … Continue reading 

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DotNed and the SDGN

DotNEd will meet again the 27th of may. Interesting part of the evening will be a presentation by the SDGN, an other Dutch user group with a discussion on “what can the community do for you ?”. A lot ! And … Continue reading 

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MSDN briefings, why developpers do not like security issues ?

Today I visited the MSDN briefings. Having coded to much (looking for the crtl (shift) B(reak) on the alarm clock in the morning :>) it was time for a day out. Theme of the day was security. The sessions were quite … Continue reading 

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Lofar supercomuting and Linux

Yesterday I blogged a little on the many things interesting ICT project running over here. One of them was the Lofar radio telescope, its heart being a giant supercomputer. Important parts of the project are the network and the computer, … Continue reading 

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Lofar, RoboChallenge, GN-IX : the North has it all

Just over 3 years ago we moved to the north of the Netherlands. To most fellow countryman we might just as well have moved to the moon. It’s a two hour drive to get from here to Amsterdam it takes … Continue reading 

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Good drive !

At the moment the (Dutch) market is flooded with bargains for external (200-250 Gb) Maxtor hard drives. With a price of just over an euro a gig (excluding VAT) I couldn’t resist. After a couple of weeks I’m still so … Continue reading 

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An optional parameter in a select query

SqlDataAdapters are great. They provide a nice and maintanable way to get data from the database in and out of typed datasets. The drawback is that you need a new adapter for every new query. Usualy you need at least … Continue reading 

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