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Liars, big liars and blog statistics

Just like everybody else in this bussiness I am sensitive to numbers and even more to statistics. At this moment my blog reads 198 posts, 499 comments and 70 trackbacks. The next post, number 200, has to be something special. … Continue reading 

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Adding eventhandlers at run time

Having published a dnj article on events in I got presented with the following problem : The webform has an emty label and an empty table. At runtime the table is populated with a collection of imagebuttons. Every imagebutton will … Continue reading 

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Never name your table “project”

I was working on two project management apps. For the same customer. In both apps I named the main table project. Dumb !!! Now the two apps are merging. The two project tables represent two different views on a (part … Continue reading 

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Smart navigation : view source / save as in IE does not do what you expect it to do.

Here’s another quirck in smart naviagation. I have an aspx page with a lot of optional panels. In the prerender event the visibilty of the panels is set. This way I have the functionality of a multiple tabbed page. A radiobuttonlist makes … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET not working ? Flame you firewall !

Some time ago I blogged how I got my broken working again. Which turned out to be a popular problem. My solution did not work for everybody, but the post became a place to discuss alternative solutions. The post … Continue reading 

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VB (.NET) or C# ? No need to choose

Dan Appleman has published a very neat article on VB.NET and C#. It’s not about which one is a better language, which is a non-issue, but does show how to mix the best of both. Using the visual basic namespace in … Continue reading 

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DotNed Showtime

TechEd will be in Amsterdam. As a spin-off some good speakers will do a show for the Dutch dotned user group. Monday june 28th, Juval Lowy and Ingo Rammer will give a presentation in Purmerend. Register here, it’s free ! June … Continue reading 

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Security hits back again.

Securing your machine and code may be good but does have its drawbacks. Recently I questioned anti virus software. Here’s another little horror story. A new version of the Zonealarm firewall knocking out local Peter

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Merging webapps. Moving (typed) Crystal reports from one application to another.

Two of my projects got so entangled that the only way out was merging them into one. They were several apps which had (code) references to each other. Two of them refering each other made the situation unworkable. Building … Continue reading 

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Use an usercontrol in another application

I’m wild about usercontrols, aka ascx’es. Very very usefull. But they do have one drawback : you cannot use a usercontrol in another application. will tell you (at runtime) “this cannot be allowed”. Because it contains markup ? Pitty. … Continue reading 

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