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Working offline

My holiday is starting tomorrow. This time I’m going to take some work with me. The camping site does have a power outlet but a network connection is not included. Will it work ? No email.., no blogs.., no Google…. … Continue reading 

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Beware of the webworm

A webform is a webform, right ? According to the Word dictionary it is web form (and web service, etc.) OK, that is what a spelling checker is for. But the default suggestion for webform in Word is webworm. Hitting Change … Continue reading 

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Why doesn’t the DataSetDataSource have a SetDataSet method ?

The new data aware controls in VS 2005 are all very very “tabular”, most of them work with one table of data. In the 1.1 days (=today) you can use a plain dataset and bind your web form controls to … Continue reading 

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Virtual PC, VS 2005 and SQL server

Managed to trash my first VS 2005. Did something wrong and now everytime I try to set up a sql connection VS goes bananas and dies with a “hresult fails” message. Good old COM. Virtual PC can really help you here. … Continue reading 

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Weird session behaviour in VS 2005

In a VS 2005 I had problems getting to the session object. At first it looked like a security issue with IE, but that did not fix the problem. A little experimenting revealed someting weird. The situation : fresh Virtual … Continue reading 

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Visual Web developer : where has my session gone ?

Without a doubt it is a setting I am overlooking.. but : I try to use the session object in a VS 2005 web app running on Visual Web Developer. After every roundtrip my Session object has a new sessionId and … Continue reading 

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VS 2005 beta setup blues… with a happy ending

The setup of the VS beta took more effort than I had expected. In the process I encountered some things worth sharing. The DVD image downloaded is a difficult one. Virtual PC doesn’t accept the image.  Yesterday I mentioned a virtual … Continue reading 

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It was to weird to be true

Yesterday I reported something which looked very weird trying to setup the VS 2005 beta. Which even scared some other people. I found out what had happened. The dvd images available don’t load in Virtula PC. So I burned a … Continue reading 

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FeedDemon 1.10

A new version of my favourite blogreader FeedDemon has been released. Update is free for registered users. The best new feature is that the back and forward browsing buttons on my MS mice now do work. There was an issue with … Continue reading 

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WhoAmI : Beta is not the beta ???

<Update>This post doesn’t make any sense at all. Read here if you want to know why</Update> Yesterday I had run wild in enthousiasm to see the beta available on MSDN downloads. Installed the thing and you know what ? The … Continue reading 

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