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Get rid of your local SQL server : create a virtual one

I had lost my entire configuration trying to upgrade to sp2. The upside is that I could install things differently. My main objective was to get rid of the local SQL server. Which succeed following these steps: Create a new … Continue reading 

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XP sp2 blue(screen)s

I have taken installing SP2 to lightly. Installation on the tablet went OK. The new input panel is great and I did not experience any real trouble at all working with SP2. Upgrading our gameboy (multi media machine) to SP2 went well as … Continue reading 

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Two (1/2) remote desktop tips

I’m still very happy with my tablet PC. It has become my mail /bloging machine, and I take it with me all the time. To use it on my desktop I use a remote desktop connection. Works nice, the default orientation … Continue reading 

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Typed datasets, datasources and multiple tables in Whidbey

My way of working with data in .NET 1.x is using typed datasets. I have a library which creates typed dataset objects and fills them using one (ore more !) sqladapaters. On the web form I have a dataset component … Continue reading 

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Do look back

Wintellect has a nice poll on their site: What is the oldest significant piece of code you have in a current application The only thing which surprises me in the results is the number of “less than 6 months” votes. The … Continue reading 

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ICT and health care

An official report on the use of ICT in Dutch health care has warned for risks. It lists the usual suspects like loss of data, medical data being unavailable due to the system being down, identity theft, malfunction, human errors, and so … Continue reading 

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Tablet PC and .NET

Ever since seeing the first glimpses of one I was hooked : a tablet PC. Last Dotned meeting seeing Sander working with one I decided it was time to find me one. Browsing around I picked an Acer travelmate C110. Actually buying one … Continue reading 

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What’s new on MSDN

The MSDN site has a blog which lists and describes all new articles published. Subscribed. Peter

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