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Firefox, VS 2003, VS 2005 and migrating applications

Recently I blogged some random thoughts on running ASP.NET apps in the firefox browser. I am really beginnning to like FireFox. To mention my top feauture: + increases font size (and – decreases it). And this really works very well, … Continue reading 

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My last Sony ?

Lost some more hair getting alll details right again after my big XP sp2 nightmare. The machine I had to rebuild from scratch is a Sony laptop. Beautiful machine, espacially the ergonomics. Absolutely quiet, great keyboard and a beautifull display. … Continue reading 

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VS 2005 : Firefox just as good (or bad) as IE

Pictures say more than a thousand words. This is a web page in VS 2003 and the result in IE and FireFox. By stretching the labels I can have alligned columns. IE understands that, Firefox does not. This is the … Continue reading 

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Firefox is actually a better browser than ASP.NET realizes

Yesterday I blogged a little of the bad behaviour of my ASP.NET applications in the Firefox browser. As IE is under siege I just have to be prepared for a way out. My apps are indeed intranet apps, according to … Continue reading 

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Firefox and applications

With so many people advocating the Firefox browser, amongst Marc in his DNJ  blog, I just had to give it a chance. Installation is quick, most sites look OK but I still don’t understand what happened to my favorites. The … Continue reading 

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Long live the (WinInfo) text format !

Complaining helps. WinInfo is back in plain text format ! And back on its usal pleasant (8 pm local) arrival time. The html version was always late. Thanks Paul. Peter

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Fixing a broken installation. (The Web server reported the following error when attempting to create or open the Web project located at the following….) revisited

November last year I posted a story with this title. It was a fix for the error messgae above. I wasn't the only one having this problem, over time many many comments and comments on the comments were added. It … Continue reading 

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How printer friendly are animated banners, or is WinInfo spam after all?

For a couple of years I have been a faithfull reader of WinInfo daily update. My provider considered it spam for a couple of months but I took the effort to skim my spambox time after time. It was always … Continue reading 

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What does this button do ? Google is more than Gmail

Got my Gmail account, thanks to Saso. It is nice. Just like google searches, clean crisp UI and fast. The google toolbar used to be a default install for me, the combination of a search box and a pop-blocker make … Continue reading 

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