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Petition for a text update on the DNJ

I have been a regular complainer about the Text engine. Blogging is fun but the error messages text keeps throwing at you are really spoiling that. According to Stefano, in a comment to my complaint, an update world fix a lot. So, please, please, update. Spread … Continue reading 

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What’s new in the .TEXT technology ?

According to the site we have “new .TEXT technology”. But the dreaded error message “parameter allready in another collection” keeps popping up. Almost every posting results in “Post failed, the sqlparamter..bla,bla” But almost every time the post appears to have … Continue reading 

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Using Firefox (and IE) to debug your apps in Visual Studio

The demand for Firefox is rising. If I may repeat my favourite feature: increasing and descreasing fornt size with ^+ and ^- is a delight for my eyes. Almost saves me from a new pair of glasses. It would be … Continue reading 

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“You’ve Earned Your ASP.NET Gifts”

It’s ASP.NET webcast week. The sessions offered looked really good so I signed up for a couple. The idea is to be an on-line part of the show and when you visit 3 or more MS will send you a … Continue reading 

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DotNEd, the Dutch user group, celebrates its second birthday

Missed the last dotned meeting. But there is another one coming up. Thursday, october 28th. Register here, it’s free ! It will be a special meeting to celebrate the 2nd aniversary of the UG. Speakers will be Christan Weyer from … Continue reading 

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needscripts ?

This week I got a message that my link was approved at needscripts. Took a look over there and it seemed OK. It was a link to an article of mine on the dnj. The only thing is that I … Continue reading 

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Shared (static) members and global variables

Every time I try to explain shared (static) members I end up in a discussion over global variables. Usually the discussion goes like this : “Hey I just heard there are no global variables in .NET and now I don’t … Continue reading 

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The right type (of a Linksys access point)

In a further step to clean up my office I threw out a lot of outdated equipment out to replace it with one box. I threw out: A broadband router/dhcp server. Chinese stuff, three years old and by now drowning … Continue reading 

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As I’m allways open to cross-anything and had been reading good things about Mono I wanted to get an idea of the Linux world over here. So I paid a visit to Linuxworld (asp-site :>). It was supposed to be the big … Continue reading 

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Generics C# and VB 2005

With some amusement I have read the recent threads on VB versus C#. My stand is quite simple, it’s the framework not the language. My personal favorite is C#, Pascal, VB, Simula, you name it. All except Simula (?) are available … Continue reading 

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