As I’m allways open to cross-anything and had been reading good things about Mono I wanted to get an idea of the Linux world over here. So I paid a visit to Linuxworld (asp-site :>). It was supposed to be the big tradeshow on Linux. Quite disappointing. The show was combined with storage-world and Just a couple of boots with Linux stuff, the main thing they had on display were things like VM -ware and server distributions. Talking about Mono did not ring many bells. Talking about any application development at all was hard. It all reminded me very much of the world of system-administrators. Most I know do care about their network but don’t give a damn about user demand for real applications.

Was today a waste of time ? Not really, now I know I will not give that much attention to Linux for the coming time. Which saves time :) I’ll stay a Mono-theist with Windows.


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  • Peter van 0oijen

    It is. Organized by VNU publishers and Array publications. Respected names.

    Perhaps Linux is successful but where is the Dutch developer community ? Doing Php ? No thanks..

  • Ross

    This is the new Linuxworld NL? I wouldn’t judge the amount of success of Linux just because no-one went to LinuxWorld in Holland.