The right type (of a Linksys access point)

In a further step to clean up my office I threw out a lot of outdated equipment out to replace it with one box.

I threw out:

  • A broadband router/dhcp server. Chinese stuff, three years old and by now drowning in the tremendous speed of our @home ISP
  • An 8 port switch. Chinese  stuff, three months old. Still fine
  • An 11 mbps wifi access point. Chinese stuff, did not cover every corner of the house and was in continuous batlle with the onboard 54 Mbps adapter of my tablet.
  • About 10 metres of cabling
  • 3 power supplies

All of them replaced with a single Linksys access point. No doubt made in China as well. The point of the post is that I almost bougth the wrong one. Almost got myself a WR54G but ended up with a WRT54G. The difference is one letter, the built in router and 2,5 euros including VAT. That’s easy to overlook in the enormous variety of models available.  The router is quite essential.

I’m not going to delve into the details of the thing itself. Just great, easy to setup and works like a charm. A complete (inter-) net- work, just plug or broadcast in with anything at all.Recomended !


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  • Peter van 0oijen

    hi Gaston,

    Thanks. I’m getting happier with the ap by the day. Never let me down at all so far. Yes I do remember the SMB’s. Want to try again 😕

  • Gaston

    Excellent choice. I’m sure SMB connections over this router are now supported. Remember we spent numerous hours trying to get that to work?