“You’ve Earned Your ASP.NET Gifts”

It’s ASP.NET webcast week. The sessions offered looked really good so I signed up for a couple. The idea is to be an on-line part of the show and when you visit 3 or more MS will send you a book and/or an express version of VS. When registering I had to cheat to fill in my address. US/Canadian only ? Come on, in Europe (and Australia !) we’re also part of the civilized world. The whole registration process was a mess. In the end I had apparantly signed up twice. Trying to see the show was another mess. The site adds alerts to your Outlook. They fire but make you wonder what time it is in Redmond. Nevertheless I made it to enter a broadcast. Well that is, I saw a lot of error messages and some power point slides. That was all. Perhaps because is was a remote desktop ?

But, yesterday my inbox had a message “You’ve Earned Your ASP.NET Gifts”. Twice. For the effort ?


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